Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers Discussion

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this chapter confirms that Strawhats are not relevant with story. Actually , it is better to leave crew and going with only Luffy at this point. During all egghead , crew did not do anything .
oda did not even give any shit feats to zoro and sanji in two years. Total disappointment
What the heck did I read, right? We are getting five mini-stories (novels)—soon? If they are anything close to the Ace novels, that would be amazing.


Okay, that was a big surprise. Nami, Robin, Uta Hancock and Tashigi fans, you can celebrate ! wow.
Just a short chapter each in a single novel. I don't know what it can tell that we don't know already regarding Nami and Robin, but it's something.
To someone that self obsessed, thats some of the most personal/worst insults they can receive, the most painful, which is hilarious too. I've been and still am that person so I can vouch from experience too.
But now I'm the hypocrite and spoiled cause I dare to question his behavior. I want to clarify that my beef with him is not because he delayed the spoilers (that's 100% fine)

It's his treatment of other leakers and the community as a whole.
Egghead: wci
Escapee arc but Luffy takes down 2 enemies

Saturn: Cracker, both having multiple arms etc... Cracker clones can regenerate too
Kizaru : low budget katakuri

Luffy might beat both at once or just Saturn
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