Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers Discussion

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Kizaruber Eats

Life's coin always has two sides; flip it wisely.
But now I'm the hypocrite and spoiled cause I dare to question his behavior. I want to clarify that my beef with him is not because he delayed the spoilers (that's 100% fine)

It's his treatment of other leakers and the community as a whole.
Aye definitely, that is far worse from him, his attitude towards the othe leakers and the community is repugnant and truly elitist.

He was complaining about the community villainsing him too earlier lmao.
Honestly every good mangaka hypes his protagonist through the strength of an strong antagonis, but Oda is worse than a literature student in his 1st semester

the fact that this manga has become popular proves the existence of brainless npc. Everything Luffy does is absolutely ot i pressive if his enemies like Saturn or Kizaru are handled like thrash Losers known as lizaru and laturn.
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