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It kills their presence when they're treated like nonfactors though. The worm eats Luffy, he's immediately freed and seen laughing lmfao

Why do I care about these villains if they can't do shit to Luffy?
Saying theyre treated like non factors is insane. Theyre literally all over the Island taking care of business. Horse guy is handling the pacifista, bird guy is destroying the dome, etc. Though I get what you mean with Luffy laughing and getting freed immediately as he gets eaten but its just an excuse for Oda to showcase more of their abilities next chapter and we can definetly see that Luffy is getting overwhelmed so not all is lost
Haki is annoying to talk about in general so I won’t to much but it does look like conquerors which is fine

And like usual no matter how many people act like it’s the case saying it is doesn’t = zoro hate. @EmperorKinyagi clearly is mad or annoyed at zoro lol. Just people that act like zoro 0 diffs no effort no nothing Lucci

People seriously pushing the agenda are annoying not the character themselves
So did Zoro use a Shanks/Roger move or did he do the same thing Luffy did when he kicked Kizaru? :quest:
Oda saved Nika's clown ass once again
We all know how Nika is still weak to sharp slashed, confirmed by Kaido's wind slashes
And Oda purposely has the centaur with Shodai Kitetsu targetted the Pacifistas while the non lethal one like sandworm target him

Just imagine if centaur cleans a land hit on Nika with his Shodai Kitetsu
We might get a repeat of what Kaido did to Boundman in act 1 Wano
Either zoro has some another level of coc or you just need to see haki trails when he used against king to rn

I am not making rules... I am comparing it with what Zoro did
What is this another level? If that is not haki trail then what it is? You can clearly see how different Oda draws CoA haki trail from CoC trail. Even Kaidou didnt have trail on his weapons all the times. And if you go even further down the detail the attack is named with hell reference. You are not making rules, you are skipping rules. And even against King you didn't see trails all the time.
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