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I hate Zoro.

But also, and I’m being dead serious, Hahava Leopard Hunter is the most clear use of ACOC on Egghead after White Star Gun
What do you get out of this? Zoro used advcoc, cool, so what? What are you trying to prove? Does it matter? Lucci still lost, who the fuck cares? Are you trying to upscale or downscale other characters off of this? So pathetic


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I'm justs glad that Natsujuro is using his sword as a main offensive tool instead of relying on his monster form. Would kinda suck if the sword is just cosmetic since i'm waiting since forever for Zoro to actualy have a sword duel with someone
He was shown drawing it to kill Kobra instead of a pistol like the other Gorosei

It's funny how his sword can apparently change sizes


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If you ever feel incompetent then remember oda had 25 years to develop haki system yet somehow he managed to pull most confusing and retarded power system ever
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