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Sasaki Kojirō

Is that blood streaming down the side of his head??
If so, must be a mistake.
Oda clearly forgot that G5 can't hurt Kizaru
  • Clearly shaking after the Stars Gun, needing time to recover.
  • Receives a blow from Luffy's basic COA and tries to get up holding his head.
  • Spits blood after being squeezed by Luffy.
  • Is turned into pizza and thrown into a battleship.
  • Shows HUFF HUFF symbolizing being physically tired and not mentally.
  • Needing time to recover similar to the Stars Gun (Note that he showed physical exhaustion with the HUFF HUFF).
Conclusion: Mentally injured.:saden:
I have to say, those 3 VAs standing there either bodes really well or VERY bad for them in the coming chapters lol.

Like either the Giants fodderize them, or Oda actually lets Franky/Bonney start fighting them before the Sunny lands down below or Sanji reaches that area as well. Doll and Bluegrass were also confirmed to be heading in that direction.

To me it feels like theres potential for some matchups because everyone is meant to arrive in the same location (Luffy clearly the furthest away which leaves him out of it for now), but ONLY if Oda dedicates a few chapters to it and doesnt fodderize them immediately lol.
There is no other match up other than Iron Giant vs 5 Gorosei
Tell me when you start read/watch D.GM

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Warcury is only that strong because he's Ganondorf's lost brother.
Saturn is also strong those bombs are OP, all Gorosei nerfed by plot like Kaido vs Scabards. Saturn alone can defeat all Teach's crew
this chapter confirms Saturn has an exceptional DC. Had those venom balls exploded, they will literally engulf the entire vicinity where Luffy and the giants stood. Nika legit saved the giants from death lmao
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