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What did Mars see?

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The more oda makes gorosei powerful , less important the admirals become narratively when talking about endgame villains and combat.
But this applies to the Yonko as well.

The admiral agenda isn't about them being final villains, or at least it never has been for me.

I always expected the current top tiers to get gapped by endgame characters.
Clinches benefits the person with the stamina issues more than it does the person without. The best thing Jake can do is try to keep Mike active, so he gets tired out. Problem with Jake, is he started off as a Youtube personality, and he won't be able to resist trying to take Mike out in a straight up boxing match for the recognition. That will be his biggest mistake, as Mike will box his head off.
When is the fight anyways

Uncle Van

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Kaido was seeing stars after Red Roc buy Warcry hurt Luffy's fist. More durable than Base Kaido at least.

Lots of running around. The One Piece special.

Vice Admirals getting taken out by Franky and Bonney. These guys are Toppi Roppo at best.

Luffy hit his stamina limit for the 3rd time this arc(and once again couldn't forcibly restart it for some reason). Seeing how long it lasted the 3rd time, it shows how long Kizaru could stalemate it.

Mars finds what he must destroy at all costs but will slowly walk towards it and then forget about it cause of a distraction. Classic.
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