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What did Mars see?

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I'm guessing it's the one calling the Admirals the WG's strongest military force?
That's not exactly proof for Admirals > Gorosei though, as the Gorosei are political figures first and foremost, while the Admirals are fighters first.
the gorosei also cant be military because Kong is the commander in chief of the military.

The commander in chief is the highest ranking military position. This means the one piece military is anyone who is below Kong. The gorosei and the holy knights don’t count.

They can be fighters, they can be strong, but their job isn’t military. The gorosei are politicians and the holy knight is the celestial dragon law enforcement(not the same as military).


Kaido was seeing stars after Red Roc buy Warcry hurt Luffy's fist. More durable than Base Kaido at least.

Lots of running around. The One Piece special.

Vice Admirals getting taken out by Franky and Bonney. These guys are Toppi Roppo at best.

Luffy hit his stamina limit for the 3rd time this arc(and once again couldn't forcibly restart it for some reason). Seeing how long it lasted the 3rd time, it shows how long Kizaru could stalemate it.

Mars finds what he must destroy at all costs but will slowly walk towards it and then forget about it cause of a distraction. Classic.
it's probably only warcurys's head that is hard since he is a boar tbf
some people have a realy hard time that admit luffy just lost .
Yes he lost its the truth . Without hte giant there is no food and he become the food of the worm .
I thought you were a Goofy fan.
Now we have a timeframe for G5's duration with the broadcast countdown, you understand that an Admiral only lasted 10 minutes against a Yonko, and he ran more than he fought.:shocked:
so ass

so 9 minutes went by and 5 Gorosei did not accomplish anything?
Why jackass Venus focuses on pacifistas and not stoping the broadcast?
It took mars like 6 minutes to just fly up and destroy some lab?
Saturn, Warcury and Peter haven't accomplished anything while fighting together against fodder giants? The fuck?

Oda with his stalling shit.
The gorosei came with 7 minutes left. They've been here for 6 minutes. It took Mars 1 minute to fly up to the lab. During the other 5 he was probably looking for the den den mushi
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