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What did Mars see?

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Because of regen which is a hax that is going to be revealed just like all invincibility haxes.
are we talkin future or now ? This luffy in the future might be strong enought to low diff kaido we don't know when the gorosei will be defeated .
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That doesn't mean everyone else is. Luffy is running on a time limit.
everyone have stamina limit . Luffy one is ridiculously short yes . But anyone have a limit if the guy is immortal everyone will reach it .
This thread exaggerates what the Gorosei have supposedly done by ×100 and simply chose to ignore their other shit feats.
Any alleged "shit feats" are simply the culmination of Oda wanting to show of the Gorosei's regeneration, the Straw Hats' plot armor and an immense amount of Plot-Induced Stupidity.

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Yeah but I mean its a sandworm thats what it does. I just disagreed with eating based being different from Kaidos dragon form in the ways Luffy could escape from it.
It’s the difference between getting eaten by a tiger and getting eaten by an anaconda

A tiger has to eat you one bite at a time, meaning it has to kill you first to eat you easily

A python can swallow you whole

Naturally Nika getting swallowed by a carnivorous sandworm is far more dangerous then getting swallowed by a dragon

That’s not to say sandworm > dragon but I know who I’d rather get swallowed by
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