Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 958: The Promised Port

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well...short and average chapter...for the first time I am feeling that spoilers did complete justice to chapter....still I am okay with it because it is just first chapter of act 3....

2.5/5 from my side
One Piece - Chapter 958
Title: The Promised Port


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Zehaha perfect chapter.

Kaido needs to smash


Oh man I thought Sulong Inu and Neko would be in part 4 but Full Moon tonight:steef:
i think it is the last act.
they will make it somehow and Nami would be able no navigate the ship there and they will get Momo and co. the incident. I bet they changed the port anyway. Kyshiro knows for sure that Orochi found out he could have changed the plan and contacted the strawhats , and they have Sanji who can fly every where and tell the people . Law might be an option he might have found out as well.
How sad that Denjiro Kyoshiro is the one guarding the Capital, i wonder who Zoro gonna fight then?:memehm:

It was nice to see the dynamics between Roger and his crewmates:suresure::suresure:
I like the setting that Oda is liying in front of us before the final fight :goyea::goyea:
Il love Kikunojo's armor:lumazed:
And i love even more the girls who are with Orochi:yonjidoggy:

Back in the days when the Orochi was portrayed as a weekling i said that i want Oda to go full steam on the weak but super vicious trope and he seems to head this way:kata::kata:
I really like the focus on Orochi's stupid face at the end of the chapter because even tho his face and his look are stupid you still feel that this guy is as vilainous as someone can be and the conjuction of the two elements make him seems more threatening imo:believe::believe:
No i really eager to see his interaction with Kaido:shocking::shocking::shocking:
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