Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 961: The Mountain God Incident

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1) Oden's magnetic personality shines through again. He gains respect and admiration of those around him that truly pay attention to the heart of his action rather than their surface.

He feels too cramped by Wano's seclusion and wants to be free, so he gets himself exiled. True free spirit.

He reminds me of Luffy. It's no wonder they can both hear the voice of all things.

2) Kinemon found his purpose in living in this chapter. It's interesting that Oda is starting to draw more romance based relationships.

He first started with Kyros x Scarlett and Pink x Lucian, but I thought that was a one off because Dressrosa was the Island of passion but he continued with Sanji x Pudding and Kin x Tsuru. Tsuru is still a baddie and 10/10 waifu material :sweat: Good job Kin!!

3) Denjiro's free spirit also ignited by the only man he respects. Looking forward to finding out more about him as he follows Oden. It'll also be interesting to see Orochi's transformation over the coming years.

4) I couldn't help but notice the artwork being sloppy in some parts. I hope Oda is ok. He took a break after 3 chapters this time instead of 4. Hopefully he just needs some rest.

Overall great chapter, it captures the "period drama" atmosphere Oda is shooting for with Wano. Also it looks like the backstory will last for a while, so hopefully the flashback and Demon Slayer being the best selling manga this year over OP will be a pleb-filter for this forum and drive away the "zOrO vS sAnJi" tards and we can get some legit discussion :funky:
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Denjiro here is a child, maybe 10 or 11 years old. For sure he is way smaller then Kinemon here.

But there is again food for my denjiro=koshiro-theory.
For example the fighting style of Oden which matches Zoros fighting style perfectly. A fighting style teached by Koshiro and was witnessed by Denjiro and inspired him.

my months old theory seems to be right :feelscryingman:


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For next chapter, we could see Neko, Inu, and Kawa. Oden was thrilled to be disowned and thrown out of the Flower Capital, so it's safe to guess what he would be trying to do first once exiled. Inu mentions how he met Oden on a beach, and we can see Neko and a bit of Kawa during the small flashback. Since they met on a beach, that means Oden was probably trying to head out to sea when he stumbled upon the 3 misfits.

Oda keeps focusing on Kinemon and it's not a bad thing.
Back then before Wano arc started, people still compare Kinemon vs Vivi, the characters who tag along with Straw Hats for more than 1 arcs right after they enterred Grand Line / New World.
Result is obvious, Vivi stomped Kinemon.

But now that Oda gives Kinemon more focus and Kinemon becomes more likeable character, the result may change now. Not so 1 sided anymore.

I still prefer Vivi. And imo Alabasta still > Wano and Crocodile still felt more threatening than dumb Kaido.
Sanji back then was also Mr. Prince instead of Princess in Power Ranger suit.
I love Kin'emon in this chapter
Both Tsuru and him deserve each other in peace after the final battle

Oden's technique was beastly. A little bit of Inosuke and Zoro in there.
It's the start of an adventure with Kin and Denjiro, reminds me the beginnings of One Piece.

Orochi is a piece of shit

Whether one thinks Zoro has Wano heritage or not, there's almost no mistaking he has been trained in Wano style swordsmanship.
Denjiro could be Koshiro after all
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