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In order for Roger Pirates = WBP to work, you either have to believe:

1. Prime Ray is weaker than Admirals and the rest of the Roger Pirates are YC3 at best.
2. Teen Marco/Jozu/Vista are already YC1/2/3 or even higher
3. A combination of these two

The most simple answer is that Oda was thinking “Roger and WB are equal so I’ll just have their crews fight equally too” without even considering the power level implications
In order for them to be equal you have to correct your strength mindset

Oden is Ray level while Luffy was one shoted by Kaido Oden wasnt one shoted by Pirate King also he is first level material

Admirals arent that strong while Kaido one shoted Luffy Fujitora and Doflamingo did put an effort to defeat Law who fended both of there attacks

third simply Marco and co arent that weak not in MF not in 26 years before the story line
I refuse to believe Roger Pirate were equal to Whitebeard Pirate .... Oda is just playing lazy
Looking forwards to threads by Ndule about how Prime Ray is only YC1 level

And threads by Bogard about how teen Marco is low top tier and current Marco is mid top tier.

Well at least both of these arguments would make Admirals weaker than Yonko
So MS and JB are kaput. This scan looks like it was originally non-English, then re-translated. This could be how it will be in future.

WSJ taking out all the English scans...looks like Manga Plus has given them the incentive to go full-on with that.

Still. better than nothing and its pretty good quality too. Pretty sure moving forward there will be some wild translation issues reminiscent of early OP scans. Ah nostalgia.

The King is Dead Long Live the King.

Oh yeah. Chapter is dope.
Nah, If Oda tells us it like that we would be in denial to not accept what he's telling us.

Somehow, they were equal.
They were fighting for 3 days and yet the island looks undamaged.... Ace vs BB caused more collateral damage than this. It’s pretty obvious that Oda said WBP = RP only because WB = Roger
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both Whitebeard and Roger are using that wired Haki ...

Whitebeard Haki was really fucked up in MF ....
WB had no CoO or CoC in MF, and his CoA was nerfed too
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