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How is Jinbe more deserving tho? Zoro has high morale with the crew due to how long he's been there and has been with Luffy since the beginning. No one is Vice Captain but if anyone would be appointed the role, it would likely be Zoro. He's the only one without a primary role on the ship; e.g Sanji is the cook, Jinbe the helmsman, Nami the navigator etc etc
He's the crew's fighter
By the way this spoiler further prove that position in Beast Pirates is based on accomplishments to grow in ranks.

> We had the challenge situation to find Yamato to have a chance at becoming all-star
> Now we have another situation to beat Luffy/Zoro to have a chance at becoming Flying 6

So a new member like Hawkins could probably jump in ranks if he accomplished missions of this scale, just like Drake when he took part in destroying amigasa village 1 year ago
>beat Luffy and Zolo
>not a strength feat


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I guess that Bao Huang like Streusen with the BMP is far more important to the Beast Pirates that she looks like, since she seems to be the only member of the crew who's really level-headed and with a real sense of organisation and seems to be the only one capable of influencing Kaido's plans and actions Everyday.
It may be because of her that the crew hasn't exploded and is still working and that Kaido's empire is still standing.
I wanna see how Oda plays it cuz I would like to see more of how BP are organised etc but I think we will be more concentrated on the fights/war after act 3 is over or probably really soon considering what's about to happen :/
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