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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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What are you talking about?
You make it seem like Killer through out the whole fight vs Zolo, was trying to attack and kill Hiyori and Tama.
When in reality
Killer tried to kill them before encountering Zolo, and from then he was 100% focused on Zolo. He never once tried to harm Hiyori nor Tama after that
What ??? Are you implying he completely forgot his initially goal ? How could you say he did not try to attack hiyori and tama when the reason the fight broke out was because of them?
That is ridiculous.What you said was utter speculation,phrased in a way that best fit the purpose of proving your argument.
Ps: i believe the reason there were no panel of kamazou directly going after hiyori and tama during his fight with zoro is because oda thought he has clearly expressed the characters intention and did not suspect that a fan would twist it in such way that completely disregard the what the author wanted to deliver
That's it for RS Sanji being as fast as Snake Man.


True, it's really funny that Luffy was ready to use G4th against Ulti but I still have to say that Luffy fought very well against two SN level fighters, although he was caught at the end.
What do you make of Ulti this chapter? I feel like she did pretty well, as any Vet/Executive level character can, against FS Luffy.
Don't do this to me. I'll start downplaying Sanji.
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Bugs ( Gifters ) who are stronger than trashes ( normal soldiers ) who stalled Kidd and killer
Oda is saying that Zoro belongs away from the others fighting bugs. It's meta commentary.
What do you make of Ulti this chapter? I feel like she did pretty well, as any Vet/Executive level character can, against FS Luffy.
Yeah, imo she was the MVP of this chapter. I thought she would get the same treatment like every female character (cough Smoothie cough) from Oda but no, she did very well against a FS user and almost forcing the latter to use his strongest mode. She ain't a joke.


Kitetsu Wanker
Well, if Big Mom stops chasing Usopp's and Chopper's ass, there could be a low possibility of Big Mom fighting Luffy, a LOW POSSIBILITY since this is not Big Mom's arc, it's Kaido's arc and he is obviously the arc boss.

Who says it's "enough" for him? Like, are you really that stupid bro?
Yamato does not seem like an antagonist but okay, if you think slaying Orochi is better for Zoro than beheading Kaido, it's fine. :suresure:
She already stopped chasing them, lol. Didnt you see?
Kaido is sharing spotlight in his own arc with another emperor because back in her arc her son took the spotlight since Luffy was too weak to fight an Emperor without Zoro and others, Nami's words, not mine. So yeah, there is 0 chance of LinLin being present and Luffy not fighting her. You should know that much that she gets what she wants.
Dont know whether I am that stupid but at least I am irritating. :yasu:
Let's wait and see, whoever is the main dragon, his head(s) belongs to Zoro, whether it's Kaido or Yamato.
I have no objection to Zoro slaying Yamato's Orochi as his main feat while slaying Orochi's Orochi is just a side task that will be done by Scabbards. :catpole:
Zoro and Kid better fuck up P1 and Ulti next chap.
You need to aim higher for Zoro. Barehanded character dont stand a chance against him, you can see that even all the gifters are armed to their teeth. Zoro would neg diff both Ulti and P1 together, Oda can use those better and make it a decent fight for Luffy or someone else barehanded.
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