Spoiler One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers Discussion

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Kata didn't even appear before WCI so him being irrelevant means nothing much

Marco and Pero arrival :people just say ah
Jinbei next to Strawhats : everyone way shocked
Not forgetting before the raid started, Kidd and Law were hyped to see him

Jinbei has been given better portrayal than Marco
So an invincible undefeated commander is only relevant in his own arc? Why Marco been relevant in tha 3 biggest wars to date?

That’s a bold ass lie ndule. To think you hate a cartoon enough to lie on em smh

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There was a cool spoiler that turned out to be fake sadly.

According to it Who's Who had a grudge against Jack for beating him and his crew, Queen knowing that X-Drake is a spy, Perospero meeting his mom, the rest of the Big Mom Pirates arriving as they were in one of Mont d'Or's book that Perospero had with him and Smoothie landing an attack on Marco.
Oh, I think I saw that...the fake spoiler, not what I’m sure was a calm and measured discussion between the usual suspects about it. Glad I missed out on that part :kayneshrug:
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