Spoiler One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers Discussion

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I think it was taken too literally anyway. Marco has recovery powers.
If Marco got shot down by someone who is vastly inferior to Kizaru, that would be wank.

Yes the BM should be more competent but it shouldn't be at the expense of other characters.

Smoothie has done nothing so far to give her hype. She will need to start from mid ground up before it can look believable when she does extremely well against other high tiers.
Right?? WW entirely seemed competitive/happy when discussing fighting the Calamities, not the F6.

Idk, I need to understand why WW is targeting Drake when his sole goal before was capturing Yamato to become an All-Star
I can think of two possibilities :

- he knows Drake is a spy and wants to kill him to get promoted
- he considers him a dangerous rival that could take the All Star seat

Either way, I think Drake is more likely to fight Who's Who rather than Queen because they should be extremely close in terms of strength,. Queen might be too strong for Drake, who I think is not important enough to take on a Calamity anyway.
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