Best nakama for the Strawhats

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Yeah but if it was meant to be Zoro who uses it at some point, he will have received it by now already.
You are willingly ignoring Zoro having the sword being able to cut through hell itself and focusing on Ame no Habakiri who can be wielded by anyone when the right time comes.
I would actually be very surprised if Zoro ends up having/using Ame no Habakiri,as nothing points to that up to this point.
Why would he have already received it? He has three swords at the moment. Shusui was traded with Enma, which was a reason for him to get it at the time he did. It's almost certain he will get Nidai Kitetsu by the arcs end, and in order for that to happen, Sandai needs to break, which would put him down a sword, and in need for a quick replacement, where Ame would come into play.

And how do we know Ame can be wielded by anyone? It's a sword made by Hitetsu, that Oden used for years. If there is a gimmick to the Sword (It's a cursed Sword), which most likely would be the case, then Zoro, someone who is already used to wielding a Hitetsu made sword, would be the best candidate.

It Enma means to cut through Hell, that means it's a "light" based Sword, while Ame which can slice through heaven, would be a dark/cursed Sword. Which fits with the type of Swords Hitetsu is known for making.

Kaido D. Stronger

Akainu would one shot this hoe.
Based on? Tell me a fact in the manga about this akainu> kaido's strength level.
I will anticipate my comment, popular saying, in 1v1 between kaido and akainu always bet on kaido.
Stronger than WB who won from Akainu, (via ACE novel)
people recognize kaido as the one in the whole universe of a single piece with the greatest talent in 1x1 and not akainu.
Now, please show me a fact that could highlight akainu> kaido. I just want one. (No guesswork or anything.)
What exactly did oda give the admirals as a fact to be taken into account?


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They didn't show it because they haven't had a full 1v1 fight to display their abilities like pica and the other executives have had. They've only had clashes, and even in just clashes we've seen impressive shit form them. A casual attack from Page One sent Sanji flying through like 6 buildings. Just a casual attack........... from Page One who most assume is one of the weaker Tobi Roppo......... Ancient Zoans are physical monsters bro.... They have good DC. You don't have to be Roronoa Zoro to defeat Pica......... lmao. There a plenty of character who have abilities that can destroy a lot of shit. Some veterans wouldn't have to destroy anything(Perospero) .
I can't know how powerful the Tobi Roppo are if they don't show these apparent feats.

Page One for example has shown nothing to be able to defeat Pica and claiming he can just because he can eventually show more is logically a bad road.

It could be even someone stronger than PO of course.
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