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Prediction: Luffy's KO move against Kizaru will be a G5 Snakeman-style snake named move and will be a giant mythological creature.


- Leviathan Gun
- Jörmungandr Gun. Or maybe something like JormuGun
- Naga Gun. Or NaGun
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So like Boa's thinking "Oh I should marry Luffy" then gets her island invaded by Marines and the Blackbeard pirates looking for her. She then gets bailed out by Rayleigh (by bluffing) and gets told a younger version of her exists on Egghead.

Now that Eggheads a big dealio... does she go save her Emperor crush and deal with the growing number of homewreckers on Egghead? IIRC Oda even allowed a lot of time to pass in world since arriving in Egghead, and I'm pretty sure it's their second day on the island.
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So what the fuck was this? no way Saturn teleported himself, turned into human form and teleported out. was this a shitty fakeout and simply the vegapunk traitor?
I belieb it to be the Blackbeard pirates hiding the fact they are on the island looting Vegapunks shit. Because they are clearly not tailing the Straw Hats around.
That's the idea, since they dont have the firepower to mess with the Straw Hats they're running around looting Vegapunks stuff. Hiding cams so that neither the navy nor the punks find out they're scampering around in there.
But then the question is! How did they figure out there are webcams and where these are? There's a fucking giant ass ship of the BB pirates ...

So many questions never answered.
Current guesses:

The treasure stolen from Hachinosu was the Isle-Isle fruit. It's shared in the sense that the user needs a co-operative island for practical reasons, and Hachinosu needs a persistent deterrent to prevent buster calls.

Shanks isn't evil, but might be a pyschopath of some sort with darker motivations. He'd still be friendly with Luffy, but might be a bit too brutal towards the CDs. Maybe he's got an extreme hate boner for them, and he feels like he'd fuck it up if he were to get the One Piece.

Imu is an umibozo type dude, and the final fight will be like that one time someone declared war on the sea. Except absolutely sick this time because the sea is punching back.

Kizaru Bogey will be joining ever since Luffy found out about her dad and started calling her Bonney.