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She don't have to be too old story wise, also Robin in manga looks younger then 20 old lol
Robin is the only adult Strawhat untill Jimbe joins (Franky and Brook are older hut act like kids), Making it clear Robin is a woman and not a girl is important for the dynamic between the Strawhats, if she looks as old ( or even younger) as Nami that really doesnt work I think.
In the manga nearly every female looks the same age, but you will not get away with that in live action
do we get the mini arcs with the baroke work in between or just log town and Alabasca?
I said that a few month ago:

Logue Town, Reverse Mountain and whiskey Peak are easily placable in 2 episode there is not so much content. Drum don't really more than 2 episode so I think you can expect either

E1: Logue Town reverse M.
E2: Whiskey Peak + Beginning of Little Garden
E3: Little garden + Drum
E4: Drum + beginning of Alabasta
E5-6-7-8: Alabasta


E1: Logue Town + reverse M + Beginning of Whiskey Peak
E2: Whiskey Peak + Little garden
E3: Drum Island
E4: Drum Island + Alabasta
E5-6-7-8: Alabasta

They could skip little Garden, but I think there is room to put it in the season as an episode 2 o 3

I wanna see Zoro vs 100bandits and Zoro vs Luffy
Well, you have to ask yourself if that's really necessary for the story
Im my humble opinon season 2 could end in Drum.

They could give time for Kureha, Hiluluk and Wapol to shine.

I would rather have a whole season 3 devoted only to Alabasta
I’m down for this.
I get it, we don't wanna rush it, but at the same time if we want the same actors at least for the whole pre-TS, they gotta shorten the story not to spend 20+ years filming it ..

I just hope that whatever we get will be good in the end.