Who is the strongest Gorosei?

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He left
Solis left too
Queek left
Akai left

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Ado is Oda backwards
Ado is an ai generated idol

They exist, look it up
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speaking about killer

Killer's mask broke from Shanks' attack. If we're ever going to find out whether or not the theory about Killer being part of the 3 eye tribe is true. It's gotta be now
Great, would finally make the Kidd pirates relevant!
Tis ironic that Kidd names his attack Damned Punk when the only damned punk in the manga is Eustass himself. :kobeha:

When you make a Rail Gun but the only thing getting railed is you: :kidwat:

You could say that Shanks dealt with Kidd singlehandedly. :endthis:
I thought so too:kobeha: