News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

King > Queen >= Marco all extreme diff fights

Katakuri = Jack > smoothie all extreme diff fights

Cracker = Snack = Perospero all extrem
:milaugh:Katakuri bounty has nothing to do with his actual PL
Is more about Luffy symbolism
500M over Luffy to show he's twice above luffy in strength , fame, speed etc...

Ace, Kata, Urouge, Sabo all have symbolic bounties Oda gave for specific reasons
Ace and Kata are Luffy's milestones not Zoro's or Marco's
No, unless you also think Queen >> Katakuri.
Lmao.The crew that benefits even more from the captain's influence and aggression is the Kaido crew.Despite that, there is decidedly a difference.Peros>any f6.There's not even a member of the flying six with a better feat than Peros.Don't give an example of Ulti's Linlin fight.Kinemon tanked Kaido's advance who use coc attack with two hands.


To find the All Blue!
94 Mil defeats 472 Mil
130 Mil defeats 480 Mil
438 Mil defeats 530 Mil

330 Mil will defeats 1.320
320 Mil will defeats 1.390
No "automatic increases" this arc.
He get some REAL NUMBERS.
And Oda better hype them up.
The ENTIRE crew deserves it.
Enough "Luffy gets 83052742839740289348972398794872 increases and the crew barely gets 1".