News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

Same for flying six fights. Robin learning haki or Franky against Sasaki and BM would be far greater. And WsW as 546mio guy was really not looking good against Jinbe.
I'm more surprised that WsW's bounty is that much higher than the others. He is in nearly a totally different league bounty wise.

The other flying six(with the exception of page one) all have really high bounties. I expected Ulti's be in the high 300 millions, but 400 million dead on is nice.

Sasaki and Black Maria's bounties are impressively higher, both being higher than Kidd's current bounty.

Also, wonder if we'll get Drake's updated bounty or not.
It's almost like you cannot read and all Yonko subordinates have inflated bounties whereas revos do not:suresure:

But go ahead and say Perospero>Sabo :suresure:
Lol, it;s a story. Oda is giving out the numbers. There isn't actually an office of people thinking how to rate things. Besides, even if true. Then King and Queen are far stronger than Marco based on bounty inflation being tired to Captain and Marco would actually be far more equivalent to a Tobi Roppo.