News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread


BangMi aka FraudMi
Though i think Sanji bounty post wano will be 990 Mil while Zoro surpass 1 bil.

Sanji bounty so far always have the same 2 digits number

Next probably 990


To find the All Blue!
I'm so happy for Franky.
Dude was so sad that he didn't hit the 100M benchmark, now the fucker gonna skyrocket to almost 500M.
And Robin....Oh dear finally got the recognition of OPness that you always deserved after idk...15 years?
Congratulations, Mrs All Sunday.
I really don't understand the big difference between 1330 and 1390 to make some of you so happy, but whatever, we probably just have different standards.

Quite sad for Jinbe, he's probably going to have one of the worst bounty increases among crew members.