[FNZ] Light game Round 06 : The Bachelor Season 24: A Jester on the Flight

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More than claim talk, I think talking about what could be possible set up makes more sense...

We should have at least an idea about how many scums and jesters we are dealing with
I'm guessing 1 or 2 Jesters max. 14 player game would allow for that and maybe 3 Mafia? So in total 5 scum?
Hello, good morning! Finally a mafia game here.
Given the setup with Jesters and all there could be a Vig. Because you can always get reads, but you also need a way to deal with the Jesters without lynching them.
i don't think the power role is vig at all, given the theme of the game i guess it might follow the rules of actual show, if my hunch is right, the power role won't be vig, but something else as compared to normal mafia.
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