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the fact that a cop is alive this long is obv bullsht

sux im just inactive here

and AL shuda died day 2 bk when he was still drago

how the fk did this game turn so badly LOL


@Midnight Delight you over share way too much information and give it out to anyone who ask you a question,

this was your downfall and why you were never killed you were an ally to scum without even realizing it.
ive been role blocking AL every night

so its obv flower sending the kills i guess??

I have also nerfed Al's vote pwoer a bit so thats a bit better for us


Don't pretend you didn't fuck up too , let's not forget about Reborn
i was giving you constructive criticism and showed you what you did wrong this game.

but yeah I killed reborn & Fuji and owned up to them, I don’t regret either one they were both detrimental to town. Flower was a better ally then Both of them but that was reborns own doing for trying to spite Lynch me for no reason other than I Sussed him and He had a very shitty claim to back him and waited the entire phase to drop his role instead of opening up with that when he did his iso which was half assed. Ratchet said it perfectly and didn’t you vote Ratchet after he made his points of being protown indie..
i mean i told u guys AL is bad from day 2

and flower soon after

i dont understand these weird kills we r doing

it shuda been Al, flower, TAC

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so i guess we just lose now cuz town is sleeping or what??

isnt town supposed to be sleeping at night phase??

we r getting ran down by scum on the morning
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