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Year of the black beard!
Game Style -
  • Traditional Setup - This game will prominently feature an uninformed majority against an informed minority.
  • Closed Setup - No information about the setup of this game will be revealed in the game thread until the game has ended.
  • Closed Communication - Once this game has started, players will not be allowed to discuss it outside of the game thread or during Night phases, except as specifically dictated in individual Role PMs.
  • Open Claiming - This game will feature restrictions on neither role claiming nor character claiming, except as specifically dictated in individual Role PMs. That being said, I advise against it.
  • Day Start - This game will begin with a Day phase. Day 1 will exceptionally last 44 hours. At the end of each day, a vote count will be provided, however, it may not reflect the actual vote value.
  • Plurality Lynch - The player with the most votes at the end of the Day phase will get lynched. No-lynch is not an option.
  • Quasi-Dusk - In this game, each Day phase will officially end as soon as the 44/24 hours deadline is reached. A Dusk phase will not be officially recognized, and players may continue discussing in the game thread until the next Night phase begins, however day actions and voting sent after the Day phase has ended but before the next Night phase has begun will be ignored. A vote count will be provided, however it may not reflect the actual vote value.
  • Phase Length - The game is divided into cycles. Each cycle consists of 2 phases, a day phase, and a night phase. Each phase will last 24 hours, with the exception of D1. If you do not post or send an action within the time limit, I reserve the right to replace you
Rules -
  • Do not, under any circumstances, reveal any information to any player regarding this game if you are no longer alive.
  • Do not quote Private Messages from me; paraphrase. And no, replacing second-person pronouns with first-person pronouns does not count as paraphrasing.
  • Do not edit your posts; double post if necessary. Failure to comply could result in a modkill.
  • Vote towards a lynch by typing Vote lynch <name>, where <name> is the name of the player you are voting for. You do not need to type Unvote, or [Change] alongside a newer vote. I will always accept votes even with a wrong format, however it is not my responsibility if I miss them by mistake. Failure to vote results in nothing but shame.
  • You must post at least 5 times per day phase. Failure to comply will result in a warning and a mod-block at the first offense. A second failure will result in a forced substitution or mod-kill. If you think you might not be able to meet the requirement at any given phase, let me know in advance and you will not be affected by the repercussions. Note that posts made for the sole purpose of meeting this requirement will not be considered.
  • If you believe that I have made a mistake, please address the issue with me via Private message. Save any other comments for after the game.

Players -

1. @Fujishiro Lynched D2 (Kikunojo)
2. @Seraphoenix @Reborn [Subbed in N2] Lynched D3 (Caribou)
3. @Fallen Prince @Light D Lamperouge [Subbed in D5]
4. @Flower
5. @Alibaba
6. @Tobi
7. @Ali @Dragomir [Subbed in D1] @AL sama [Subbed in D3]
8. @Midnight Delight Lynched D6 (Monkey D Luffy)
9. @Natalija Killed N1 (Trafalgar D. Water Law)
10. @Celestia @playa4321 [Subbed in D1] @MUUGEN [Subbed in D3] @Midnight Delight [Subbed in N6]
11. @RedGloverKing Modkilled D4 (Nami)
12. @MUUGEN Killed N2 (Yamato)
13. @Xlaw @Light D Lamperouge [Subbed in D2] Killed N1 (Kin'emon)
14. @Steven Modkilled D2 (Marco)
15. @Marimo_420
16. @Zoro D Goat Killed N4 (Denjirou)
17. @Michelle
18. @Real Go D. Usopp Killed N6 (Killer)
19. @Kiwipom @krogothwolf [Subbed in D3]
20. @Ratchet Lynched D5 (Perospero)
21. @vecolaptor
22. @TheAncientCenturion Lynched D4 (Ulti)


Game start in... >>>Click here<<<

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Year of the black beard!

"We are landing on Onigashima, Trafalgar Law, do it!" - "SHAMBLES!"
The heroes arrived on Onigashima, they are overwhelmed by the enourmous size of its' "architecture" and flora. This is the place where all the struggle will conclude. Both Kaido and Big Mom announced their ambition to conquer the world and lead it into Dusk!
This has to be stopped now or else they will accomplish their dreams and shatter everything our heroes longed for.
A battle of greatness is awaiting us!

All the major players arrived, the war on Wano may start!


Day 1 starts.
You have 44 hours to decide on a lynch.
Countdown: >>>Click Me<<<

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