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@Rej was I Rolecrushed because of TAC or Tobi?

@Rej how was my play overall btw?
you were really decent, correct night actions and the behaviour in the DP was good for people reading you town up to the obvious lynch play, it was decent and you for sure were one of the stronger players, I dont know how this would have looked when players went more all out


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Yeah, firstly thanks for the game @Rej

Good setup I think, some interesting design philosophies embedded here.

Which is about all the good I can say. This game was annoying as hell to play. Honestly, just on principle, if this is how Survivors are going to be treated then there is no point including them in games ran here. Nothing about my play was incorrect from a Survivor perspective - I outlined my position very clearly from the start. I'm not interested in hearing excuses, or players defending it afterwards. It's frustrating as hell to play this role, and play it perfectly from a faction balance perspective (I abstained every single night), and not even get a chance of winning because players refuse to accept reason. I understand being wary, but there are limits and procedures to this, and none of it was respected.

MUUGEN even made up some fantasy about me having done this in Parasyte Mafia. Nope. I was Town, with a win con of having to kill a certain set of players to win. I lost that game, because the rest of the town lynched the last scum despite me having killed scum prior to this and practically begging players to give me a chance to win. I was pissed then, and I'm not too pleased now (but was considerably less invested in this one). In any case, I won't be playing here again for the foreseeable future, because first I need to get my motivation back. Maybe if a host asks I'll consider it but you know, based on the activity levels, the amount of subs etc there isn't much appealing right now. So yeah, thanks for the game, but this will likely be my first and last.

To not end on a sour note though, congrats to Mafia who were by far the better team overall, and deserved winners. I wish you'd offered me a chance to win too, but I guess my mindset as scum towards indies isn't the same as yours. I like to win with them where possible. It is what it is.


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Congratulations to the winning side.

The only person I owe an apology to is @Seraphoenix for not playing the role properly and resorting to the claim when I shouldn't have.

So, I shoulder full responsibility of my loss. But I am glad I claimed. It ended this irritating game for me quickly.

However, town lost because they played badly. Just sussing people or getting scum reads doesn't mean anything if you can't coordinate properly to get your Lynch right.

Town just keep on digging their own graves by picking fights among themselves, with 3rd parties and also with mafia.

On town side @Midnight Delight played well especially when I consider that it's his 2nd or 3rd game.

On scum side, @Tobi and @Flower did well.

@Rej @Noctis thanks for the game. I subbed in with condition that you guys will play my game which is after this so I have auto signed you
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