[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

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can we see all cult roles non redacted pls ^^
You are Lumine!

[Passive - Princess of the Abyss] You are a Princess of the Abyss Order. As such your vote counts for 2, you are bulletproof and immune against rolecrushes.

[Passive - Innocent Looks] You are the Traveler's sister. Nobody would suspect you of doing evil. You investigate innocent.

[Active - Abyss Order] Every day you can attempt to convert a player into the Abyss Order, recruiting them into a Cult. Can't recruit more than 3 players.

[Active - Transfer Leadership] Once in the game you can transfer your powers to another member of your Cult, making them the new leader and inheriting all your abilities except [Innocent Looks].

[Active - Crushing Revelation] Reveal in the thread that you have gone missing. This will be so devastating for all players that the day ends immediately without a lynch [1-shot].

[Active - "Don't stand in my way!"] Threaten a player at night. Rolecrushing them the next cycle.

[Active - No Vision] You have no Vision. As such you can activate any elemental power you want [2-shot].

Wincon: Abyss Order has majority.
Some thoughts:

Everyone played well. It was a nice game to witness and all had a good shot at winning. Except for some minor host mistakes all went smoothly as well.

The game might not have been perfectly balanced, but that‘s because we added the Cult and Masons after starting the Sign Ups because so many wanted to play.

The sub situation was horrible, but luckily subs were found quickly and no modkills were necessary.

@Lindltaylor was a lovely co-host and I enjoyed Ninja‘ing him.


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Found a good thread theme for this win:
Have said most of what I wanted to say in the Dead Chat, but congrats to the Cult and Indie winners. It's frustrating in a way, because I feel like we, the Town, clutched defeat from the jaws of victory. But, when you look at the whole last 3 cycles Town made simply too many mistakes, which cost the game. T-Pein lying about receiving results maybe being the biggest of them, but there's plenty of blame to go around. When you compare that to the Cult, they only made one mistake, and that was lynching Aether over Ekkologix. With Ekkologix then poised to clutch the game, he also made a mistake, by shooting into the unknown Cult roles, instead of the known. Had he shot Broki, then he very possibly could have won this game, and probably would have.

Anyways, setup was great. I don't think I have any real issues with anything, there's an element of luck and RNG to every game and I don;t think any part of the design relied too heavily on things going right for any faction. I think even the Serial had a fair shot of winning, which is particularly impressive. Good job, @Flower & @Lindltaylor (and @AL sama).

MVP - Broki
Broki played really well. I was going back and forth as to who I felt was better between Conq and her, factoring in Conq being new, but I think Broki deserves it anyway. The last couples of Day Phases alone were a joy to watch - just the revel of openly-scumming, the gifs, the arrogance, I loved it. I've seen Broki from her early days in Mafia, and it's always impressive to see how far she's come since then. Broki is a great player, and I feel like players kind of overlooked that this game. By far, the most deserving victor. @Underworld Broker I hope to see you play more games here, none of this one and done business even if it is a win :few:


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wasnt broki bulletproof btw, i thought shooting her wud not kill her so shot conq instead

we had conq role and he had no bulletproof, but i didnt know the cult role changes

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