[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

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I think once you decided there were no more Mafia (I wish you'd worked with me on that one BTW) you kinda put Usopp out of the picture. Which, eh, happens I guess.
He wasn't necessarily out of the picture, just Cult behind others. But yeah, the fourth Wolf was a wrinkle I just didn't realize really want to accept seeing jacked wolves were and the presence of Cult and two hurtful Indies. In the end I shouldn't have focused so much on the setup and just gone with scummy behavior. However, I do feel Cult too priority over Cult at the end.
im sure this 16+ days of hosting is hella stressful

sorry for all the questions n complains lol

thanks again for the game @Flower @Lindltaylor

im gna steal some stuff for my genshin game if i ever host it later fufuf
Yo it legit killed me. Gosh between studying and hosting, I had no time for anything else.

I'm going to post all the roles later in the thread, cause I'm tired as fuck.

Heh. I once hosted a game on OJ that took 7 months to finish.

Almost quit Mafia over that.
Playing that 7 months game that Dante and Rot hosted was insane. 1 day phase was like a week or something. But I somehow got culted and won that game later on.

Ahh it was good times.
Good win for the Cult. If I hadn't been so obsessed with the Apprentice, I wouldn't have worried about D1 convert as much and just went after the Cult. Deserved win, though.

Ekko, you were hella scummy all game but I applaud your tenacity. I appreciate the Super kill as well; I don't mind going out like that after a long game.
I felt bad about getting culted and having to basically sabotage my previous team now, wanted to win as town since we were doing p well :giogio:

Maybe I shouldnt have mentioned that I was CL in a game before this one idk, couldve avoided the convert. We wanted to add u too but didnt have any converts left anymore rip
Panaphobia game.

It had puzzles and stuff in the day phase. If you solved them you could bring back players that were temporarily taken out. Ewhee was taken out on day 1. After that, you and I solved a puzzle on like day 4 or 5, and she came back into the game after 4 months lmaoo.
Ahhh yeah, vaguely recall that. Was that on OJ? Damn, I'd buried that one ;-;
[Active - Transfer Leadership] Once in the game you can transfer your powers to another member of your Cult, making them the new leader and inheriting all your abilities except [Innocent Looks].

this is soo cool
the fact that it works during the day is kinda strong, but i can see it makes sense with day vigs in play

how did xlaw know he was gna get vigged to use it, he probaably didnt wanna play more xD
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