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I'm sorry for costing us the game @Flower @Juliet @~UwU~ @Lindltaylor @Seraphoenix @LANJI CUCKSMOKE @Go D. Usopp ™ @Natalija @Typo @RheanaeL @LuthonTheDragDown my pettiness cost us the game im not gonna lie. Mb. Losing track of time, and phase timings was mb too.

Wp to the mafia team tho @Light D Lamperouge @Blother (join us for more if you want bro) @Tris that was an amazing performance and @Jew D. Boy.

Unlucky @Fujishiro you played really well, apart from writing a few fanfics lmao.

@Dragomir @Zem thanks for the game as always.

Hope you weren't too mad at my last day performance.
dont sweat it man i inted day 1

uve done far better lol
i honestly havn't been following the game THAT much after my death, but i find it funny that ppl belive the squard claim over buggy claim

its god dem fken buggy u MORONS


if he isn't in this game then might as well remove luffy and ace too!!!!
Buggy is a legend, I can confirm.

Hey @Seraphoenix that makes us bffs as Shanks and Buggy :shocking:
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