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There's no "Tina!"
Congrats to the scum team, for that unbelievable, almost-impossible come back! @Light D Lamperouge @Blother @Tris @Jew D. Boy

JDB - You have won the survivor of the game award. From the most suspected player since D1 to winning the game hahahha! Congrats Fam!

Tris - You did really well in the last few phases. Great work!

Blother - Keep playing more games! You were amazing for your first game.

Light - ....... :tchpepe: .....
Jk lol, you did your best too Bro!

@Town - We fucked ourselves up really well! Great Job! :steef: Town gonna Town! :pepelit:
I'm sorry for costing us the game @Flower @Juliet @~UwU~ @Lindltaylor @Seraphoenix @LANJI CUCKSMOKE @Go D. Usopp β„’ @Natalija @Typo @RheanaeL @LuthonTheDragDown my pettiness cost us the game im not gonna lie. Mb. Losing track of time, and phase timings was mb too.

Wp to the mafia team tho @Light D Lamperouge @Blother (join us for more if you want bro) @Tris that was an amazing performance and @Jew D. Boy.

Unlucky @Fujishiro you played really well, apart from writing a few fanfics lmao.

@Dragomir @Zem thanks for the game as always.

Hope you weren't too mad at my last day performance.
Lol, it's all right bro. Such a dramatic apology for a mafia game on a weeb forum. Just chill haha. You did your best and you did it well, so that's enough.

@Juliet You were absolutely amazing and did your best too :kata:
@Seraphoenix if you have a day invest next time, please use it before joining a lynch wagon to clear things up. You not saving Usopp when you could have triggered me the most, especially since I didnβ€˜t want to lynch him, but couldnβ€˜t prevent that. Add to this the exam stress and it boiled up. Honestly, you should have called Tris out, though.

Not interested in part 20 thanks
Buggy is a legend, I can confirm.

Hey @Seraphoenix that makes us bffs as Shanks and Buggy :shocking:


~ The Black King ~
Also I'd like to apologize for my outburst D4. I was stressed out because I forgot an exam and needed to study. I should have subbed out sooner. Next time I need to organize my schedule better. And well, seeing Sera not giving a damn just triggered me hard. It is his playstyle, I should have known better, but my stress level was too high to get a clear head.
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