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Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Final Vote count

Juliet -> Tpain - oddodd
Robin -> T- pain
Mango - T- pain
Turnip - JDB - Tris - lanji - oddodd - lanji
Midnight - JDb - Tris - Nat - Turnip - tris - oddodd
Lanji - lind - beta - Tris - oddodd - tris
Tris - Robin - odd
Lind - Tris - JDB - Tris
Sera - JDB - oddodd
JDB - Lind - Turnip
Nat - beta
Beta - lanji
Rhea - turnip - T-Pain
Queen - usopp - tris
Oddodd - tris
Kvoth - tris

Vote( may not reflect actual value)
Tris - 5
oddodd- 4
T-Pain - 3
lanji -2
Beta / turnip- 1

Tris is set to be lynched

Man, I am feeling lazy.
Each one of you Pay 3$ via your role pm to see the End of Day WU immediately or wait until I get time.🤭🤭

[Do not post]


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One

@Tris [God Susssooopp] has been lynched.

You are God Sussopp!!
[Passive - Town D1 sus] - God Sussopp has been lynched/Killed by the town for no reason and it keeps on happening every game. As a result, he will cause the next day phase to be 12 hours and a no lyncher if he were to ever killed during Night Phase.

[Active - Listen to me ningens] - God Sussopp gets frustrated when the town doesn't listen to him and doesn't go with his scum reads. Each day, he may target a player and ask them for help in voting a target of his choice. If they accept, his vote will count double for that phase. If he successfully lynches a Guilty player, God Sussopp will gain a one-shot version of one of their abilities. If he lynches an Innocent player, then he and his friend will both appear as [Guilty] during the following phase.

[Active - Soge king] - He can target a player. If Town, their next negative action will fail on an Innocent player. [2-shots]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to town

Night 3 begins
You have 24 hours to submit night actions.

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Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Night 3 ends

Someone[??] killed @Natalija [kiwipom]

You are Kiwipom!

[Passive – Charismatic] - Kiwi takes confident steps, built upon the foundations of her hard work. Her pride magnified her charms to others. Her vote counts as 2.

[Passive - You can't hurt my team] - You cherish your teammates. Faction kill performed by you will be upgraded to super kill. [1 shot]
--- [That's it] -
If you are the last member of your mafia team then faction kill will upgrade to super kill.

[Passive - Not to Sabby] - Kiwi doesn't believe any rule had been set which disallows her to do anything she wants. When Kiwi is on the verge of death from a lynch, she will passively deflect the lynch onto a townie whom she has targeted thrice. [1-shot]

[Active - Bear Claw] - Don't you dare to say anything against Bears. Once per cycle, She can target a player and role-block them for the cycle.

[Active - To Protect] - During the Odd Nights, Kiwi may protect one of her teammates from the regular kill.

[Active - KIWIPORN] - Bish!! Now, You have made it into my list. Anyone who spells your name wrong finds their way into your Meme list. People who will claim would see your rage. During the night, You will select such first player and then you will select the second player who will be forbidden to accuse or vote or say anything against the first player. Failure to do so will result in the role crush of the second player. However, this ability won't work if the upcoming phase becomes MyLo/LyLo. [2-shots]

[Conditional Active - Hosting Duo] - If Drago and Kiwi target the same player during the night, they'll abduct them. They'll be unable to post nor vote during the following day, and they'll be blocked the same night as well before returning to the game the following night. [1-Cycle Cooldown]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Mafia

Someone[??] tried to kill but failed

Someone[??] tried to kill but failed

Someone[??] tried to kill but failed

Someone [??] tried to convert but failed.

Day 4 begins
You have 24 hours to discuss

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