[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 6 - Naruto: Mafia Shippuden

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btw looks like usopp is the only player who succesfully visited his targets so far, besides beta who chooses his target in the DP
i dont know if my visit is successful or i ended up crushing myself

lanji might have protected himself so my rb on marimo didnt hit him since im rc'ed

its possible
iso'd juliet, dunno what shes hinting tbh

summary - tpein tracked nat, got result nat targeted nat and marimo
- mango watched light, only saw nat
- usopp claimed to have rc nat and roleblock marimo
- nat getting voted
** possible that nat and usopp got busdriven

- there are 3 claimed watchers (gambit, fuji, mango)
- mango and zem are rc after claiming
maybe im just reaching but thought bleak slipped like marimo asking him to vote in their scum pm or something.
dw he did ask me to vote him, plus lemme use this message to just give out a message to @Go D. Usopp ™, @Queen, @LANJI CUCKSMOKE

I kind have been going along the bandwagon especially with Ussop...

As newbie it took shit tonne to understand the first day phase and when i did i drew some conclusions tho their certainty is dubious but it was everyone that Ussop voted.. it struck me a surprising honestly .. so Ussop is kind off my sus list atm.. T-Pein invited me to the pool i agreed in joining tho i know what the consequences are but its better to be in the majority than in the minority as an easy target for accusations
So fast forward now
I am oblivious of any developments that took place last night i just know that nat, marimo, mango, and fuji etc are sussed for whatever happened last night.. i have just been meddling around and learning more about abilities and stuff..

but lemme tell ya some perks i have...

since I'm oblivious of things and I'm a newbie I'm easily disposable.. but my vote still has worth to it regardless

if you wanna use me to bait any scums feel free to devise it.. I'll be glad to be of any help


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I isolated all of Marimo's posts (which wasn't a whole lot) he never said anyone should vote him, he basically just said that "if you sus me why don't you lynch me" lmao.
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