[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 6 - Naruto: Mafia Shippuden

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Argonauts, roll out!
I was being generous.. a friend in need is a friend indeed... ik that sound sus but you can't prove it sus coz i mean it i did it coz my man was deprived.
Like Obama would say; nani?
I took it as more he was trying to lure people into voting for him.
Could be that too, though I doubt a jester would ask to be lynched, seems counter productive.
And yeah, I don't know how bleach Ash can twist my words that much.

He can pull it out of the thread if he can find it. If not, then notnmy fault
it wasn't twisting even ussop said that you told everyone to vote you.. ig being subservient is a joke now a days..

i just did what u promoted us to do.. and i have no bases i admit.. i just materialized your request


EoD Vote Count -

Seraphoenix – Finalbeta > Natalija
Fujishiro Mr. Anderson – Finalbeta
Zem – Finalbeta > Natalija
Juliet – Kvothe Kingkiller > Natalija
Queen – Fujishiro > Natalija > Marimo_420 > Natalija
MangoSenpai – Natalija
Natalija – MangoSenpai
Midnight Delight – MangoSenpai > Natalija
Lindltaylor – Natalija
BleakAsh – Natalija > Marimo_420 > Natalija
T-Pein – Marimo_420 > Natalija
Finalbeta – Natalija
Kvothe Kingkiller – LANJI CUCKSMOKE > Natalija

Natalija – 12
MangoSenpai / Finalbeta / Marimo_420 / LANJI CUCKSMOKE – 1

If I missed anyone's vote, please let me know. @Natalija will be today's lynch.

Vote Lynch Kvothe Kingkiller
Vote Lynch Natalija
[vote lynch natalifa]


@Natalija [Kakuzu] has been lynched!​
@Natalija - You are Kakuzu!

[Passive - ???] - [Redacted]

[Passive - Treasurer of the Akatsuki] - Kakuzu is very greedy with money and likes to bounty hunt from time to time. There are 5 players in the game wherein if Kakuzu performs the faction kill against, he will earn a reward. It's possible for one of those players to be another Akatsuki member. If the player dies, Kakuzu will be told that a bounty has been suspended.

[Passive - 5 Hearts] - As a holder of 5 hearts, Kakuzu demands that you kill him 5 times for him to truly die. If role-blocked, he will dodge it but it will cost him one heart. If role-crushed, he will dodge it but it will cost him 2 hearts. If night-killed, he will survive but it will cost him 3 hearts. Super-kills and lynches bypass this.
--- [Run me that heart] - If he so chooses, Kakuzu may select a player to steal their heart and replenish a lost one. He may only target flavor-claimed players using this. He cannot exceed 5 hearts. The player who lost their heart will be role-crushed permanently.

[Run me that heart] cannot be destroyed.

[Passive - Earth Grudge Fear] - Kakuzu's body is composed of many grey tendrils that are woven through his flesh. It allows him to easily reattach body parts. If Kakuzu has an ability destroyed, it will be regenerated one cycle back.
--- [Patch Up] - Kakuzu may target a player at night to reattach any lost body of theirs. The player will regain any destroyed abilities they may have lost. [2-shots]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Akatsuki.

It is now Night 2. You have around 19-hours to turn in your actions.
I'm shortening this night phase to get back on pace. The night will end at 10:30 AM EST.
Countdown Timer
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