[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 6 - Naruto: Mafia Shippuden

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I'm usually against ending the phase early but honestly I am feeling like shit right now and don't want the game lingering in my head as a to do. (Sorry Drago and other players)

@Dragomir even though it's only day 4 can we vote to end it early.
Alright, if you guys would all really like for me to end the day phase now, I'll do it.


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Sorry, Midnight, but I don’t see any kind of scenario where I would feel the need to explain a damn thing to you. Y’all don’t have anything more tangible on me outside of “The guy he replaced was new” and “He isn’t talking much,” so if you don’t see why equating these things with being scum - especially after Bleak and I have voted to lynch multiple mafia members - is foolish WITHOUT an explanation, you won’t understand it WITH one :kayneshrug:
who do u scum read rn btw, other than marimo

Mango was crucial in catching a scum. Doubt he is tainted.

I wasn't suspecting TAC as much as T Pein and Sera due the latter guys' flawed playstyle, but this is merely my point of view.

I still suspect Zem yes.
in case of a multiball, every1 starts looking bad

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who do u scum read rn btw, other than marimo

in case of a multiball, every1 starts looking bad
I don’t know what’s going on between Final and Flower, but the latter seems to be hanging back a little more than usual...still, gut feeling, the former is more likely scum because of how he disassembled the second Flower started paying attention to him. I don’t like the way Midnight and LC have been playing, you can tell me if there’s good reason to trust either of them. That’s as much as I can say at the moment.
I doubt there would be more than 1/3 scum in a game like this
So if Marimo flips Akatsuki (99% likely) and game continues either he's the Last Akatsuki scum and there's a ANBU Third Party. Or there are Two Akatsuki left


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What I actually am-

Well whatever, it was fun guys even if half the time it was just verbal warfare instead of gamesolving (on my part)


I wish you all good fortune.


EoD Vote Count -

Go D. Usopp – Marimo_420
Marimo_420 – Marimo_420
MangoSenpai – Seraphoenix > Marimo_420
Seraphoenix – Marimo_420
Zem – Marimo_420
Midnight Delight – Marimo_420
Finalbeta – Marimo_420

Marimo_420 – 7

If I missed anyone's vote, please let me know. @Marimo_420 will be today's lynch.



@Marimo_420 [Tobirama Senju] has been lynched!​

You are Tobirama Senju!
[Passive - Those Damn Uchihas] - Tobirama is very cautious of the Uchiha Clan, never trusting them for who knows what they might be plotting. And he's right, one Uchiha dueled his brother, another wiped out his entire clan, a third betrayed Konoha and threatened to destroy it, and the last one waged war against all nations. Can't be trusted. Tobirama needs to eliminate all Uchihas to win the game.

[Passive - Reincarnation] - As this Tobirama is in Edo Tensei form and not at full power, he may only use one ability per night.

[Active - Father of Many Jutsus] - Tobirama is the creator of many different jutsus, Edo Tensei, Shadow Clone Jutsu, and the Flying Raijin to name a few. During the night, he may perform a one-shot of these 4 abilities: Kill, Role-block, Protect, and Cop. [4-shots]
--- [Shadow Clone Jutsu] -
Tobirama may create a shadow clone to bypass his [Edo Tensei] passive and perform two actions during that night. [1-shot]
--- [Flying Raijin] -
Tobirama may dodge the first action that targets him at night. [1-shot]
--- [Edo Tensei] -
Tobirama may use a dead player's role to perform one action with it at night. However, if the ability has a condition attached to it, then he cannot use it. [1-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate the Akatsuki.
Secondary Wincon: Eliminate all Uchihas.​


@Zem [Gaara] has been killed!​

You are Gaara!
[Passive - Shukaku] - As a jinchuriki, Gaara holds a powerful tailed beast within him: the One-Tail. If killed, Shukaku will attack the killer alongside, super-killing them.

[Active - Sand Shield] - Gaara may create a dome of sand around him that can serve as a shield against attacks. Kills on him will fail during that night with the exception of super-kills. [1-shot]

[Active - Sand Coffin] - Creating a coffin around his opponent, Gaara traps his target in this coffin hindering their movement. The target will be role-crushed. [2-shots]

[Active - Sand Levitation] - Manipulating the sand under his feet, Gaara can float in the air. This will allow him to learn who visits him. His actions that night cannot be destroyed. [2-shots]

Wincon: Eliminate the Akatsuki.​

@Jew D. Boy [Sakura Haruno] has been killed!​

You are Sakura Haruno!
[Passive - Chakra Control] - Sakura has amazing chakra control, able to draw out maximum power while only using little chakra to do so. As such, her actions can't be redirected.

[Active - Medical Ninjutsu] - Over the time-skip, Sakura learned medical ninjutsu from Tsunade and became an expert in that field. She may heal a player during the night from one attack. No self-heals. [2-shots]

Wincon: Eliminate the Akatsuki.​

@Seraphoenix [Kurenai Sarutobi] has been super-killed!​

You are Kurenai Sarutobi!
[Passive - Genjustu Master] - As Konoha's most skilled genjutsu user, Kurenai is immune to genjutsu techniques.
[Active - Tree Binding Death] - Kurenai creates an illusion on her target that a tree has binded them. The target will be immobilized that night, therefore, having their action fail. Furthermore, Kurenai may ask the target a question. If they lie, the target will lose their vote power the following day phase. If they tell the truth, they will gain an extra vote.

Wincon: Eliminate the Akatsuki.​
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