[FNZ] Role Madness Season 2 Unofficial- Dragon ball Z

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Lol. The least person who might be scum here is me. Rej is just having the Gambit is scum logic every single game. It's all personal and toxicity.

Beta, we stick 5o rhe plan.
@Queen [Cell] has been Lynched
You are Cell

(Dr. Geros Ultimate Creation) You appear as town under investigations. But you will be imperfect for the first 2 day phases of the game.

- [Passive - Advanced Regeneration] - Cell exhibited inhumane healing prowess. His regenerating ability allows him to recover his body in rapid succession. He will be immune to regular kill.
- [Passive-The perfect Android] - Cell's goal is to become perfect, and perfection comes in many forms. When cell succesfully kills a player, he becomes immune to role blocks, when he kills a second time he becomes undetectable when performing a kill. After the third kill his bulletproof becomes super bullet proof for 2 shots. With the fourth kill he becomes fully super bulllet proof. However, if he fails a kill his progress will be reset.

---- [Perfect copy] -
Target a player and kill them.

Wincon: Kill All
A clean sweep
With 8 players left, Mafia has reached Parity and wins!

The Frieza Force:
@Gambit @Go D. Usopp ™ @TheKnightOfTheSea @Midnight Delight

Scum MVP has been: @Queen imo, she tried the best and if not for her being found out today she might've led to one of those 4 being Lynched.
If you guys think of any town MVP feel free to vote for them, i don't think anybody stood out. Most did their best but this game has been plagued by inactivity and it hurt town a lot.

I hope you guys enjoyed the game!


1 @Flower
2 @Midnight Delight
3 @Finalbeta
4 @Go D. Usopp ™
5 @T-Pein™ -Dead- N1 (Krillin)
6 @TheKnightOfTheSea
7 @Queen
8 @Gambit
9 @Rej
10 @Juliet
11 @Dream
12 @Grammaton
13 @Tris
14 @Dragomir - Dead- D1 (Lynch) (Chiaotsu)
15 @MangoSenpai -Dead- D2 (Lynch)(Bulma)

Not open for further replies.