[FNZ] Role Madness Season 2 Unofficial- Dragon ball Z

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The Androids.

You win the game when you outlive Goku, Cell, and Gohan

(Artifical Human) you are immune to Investigations(They appear town) and Lie Detection's, you also have x2 voting power.

(Android Barrier) When this has been activated you can protect yourself from actions for one cycle. (2-shots)

(Android 16) Target any player and if they are Imperfect cell kill them. (1-shot)
You are Cell

(Dr. Geros Ultimate Creation) You appear as town under investigations. But you will be imperfect for the first 2 day phases of the game.

- [Passive - Advanced Regeneration] - Cell exhibited inhumane healing prowess. His regenerating ability allows him to recover his body in rapid succession. He will be immune to regular kill.
- [Passive-The perfect Android] - Cell's goal is to become perfect, and perfection comes in many forms. When cell succesfully kills a player, he becomes immune to role blocks, when he kills a second time he becomes undetectable when performing a kill. After the third kill his bulletproof becomes super bullet proof for 2 shots. With the fourth kill he becomes fully super bulllet proof. However, if he fails a kill his progress will be reset.

---- [Perfect copy] -
Target a player during the night and kill them.

Wincon: Kill All.

- [Passive - (Emperor Frieza) You are the Godfather of the Frieza Force. You appear as town under investigations. He also cannot be tracked or watched.

- [Passive - Superhuman Durability] - As the strongest being in the galaxy ( or so he believes), Frieza possesses a hardy body, thus he is immune to regular kills. If hit by a super kill he may survive it once but will lose this passive.

- [Active - Death beam] - Frieza's attacks are so strong that they allow him to barely leaves a single trace of the living, If he performs factional kill his target role will be janitored. [3 Shots]

- [Active - 5 minutes until Namek blows up] - Befitting a ruler who does what he wants. Day 3 or after.During the day phase, Frieza may use this to skip the phase, but allows night talk.1-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all Threats to Mafia

- [Passive - Leader of the Ginyu force] - Ginyu is proud of his team, teamwork makes the best work. and so the first vote against him counts for 0.

- [Active - Recoome] - In Order to use this ability your mafia team has to refrain from using their mafia kill. You will choose one of your teammates to guard during the night, and rampages anyone who visits them (kills everyone). [1-shot]

- [Active - Burta] - Each night, Ginyu may distract a player and stop them for the night. They'll be prevented from performing actions that phase (if any).

Wincon: Eliminate all Threats to Mafia

- [Active - Capable leader] - As the smartest henceman of Frieza. Each Night Zabon may target someone to know their character and alignment.

- [Active - Blaster] - Dodoria may target a player and slice through them. He will role-crush them for a cycle. [1-shot]

- [Conditional Passive - Monster form] - Zarbon avoids using this form because of its uglyness, but when he is pushed against the wall he is determined to take things in his hand. If he's the last member alive from his team, he can upgrade factional kill to super-kills.


- [Active - Saddism] - Doroia has an arrogant and sadistic personality that mirrored his interrogation of the namekians before brutally killing them. Pick a target and forbid them to vote for a player the following DP. If they vote for that target you will torture him/her to death and they will be killed by the end of the DP. [1-shot]

- [Active - Dodoria Head Smash ] - During the DP if the target you voted has 7+ votes. You can end hammer the Lynch. The number of votes required changes depending on the number of players alive. It will not work during Mylo/Lylo. [2-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all Threats to Mafia


- [Active- Telepathic message]
- During the day phase, he may send a private message to a player through the host. The recipient of the message can send you one message back. (2-shots)

- [Active - Superhuman Senses] - Having a great sense of hearing, Pîccolo can easily sort through sounds for information. Having an abnormal sense of smell, He can use this information to find peoples' location from long distances. You can only use one ability at a time. Know that you cannot use the same ability for the following Night Phase.

----[Sense of Hearing] - You target one player during the NP to see who they target.

----[Sense of smell] - You target one player during the NP and see who targets him.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town

---[Ki Barrier] Passive- Your defensive prowess has become strong after going to the next level. This ability allows you to recover from regular kill passively.

---[Kaio Ken] - After Goku takes part in the second non-town lynch he can produce a massive ki wave. Now you may choose a player each night to kill,if targeted by regular kill you'll not be able to use this ability for the following Night Phase. (1 cycle cooldown)

Conditional Passive---[Super Saiyan] - If Krillin dies, you will activate this ability. Goku yearned for strength and fighting powerful foes, but at what cost. Goku can now upgrade his Regular kill to Super kill for shots. (2-shots)
Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town


- [Passive - Loyal to his friends] - Chiaotsu will get notified the following day if Tien/Goku/Yamcha get targetted by the Frieza force.

- [Active - Supportive] - Chiaotsu is not a combat-hardened warrior but has a knack for cheering people up and keeping things light-hearted. You can pick a target and give them one stack of their ability. [3-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town


- [Active- Wild Nature] - You're good at tracking others and gain information. Every NP you can target a player to see which player they targeted.

- [Passive- Wolf Fang Attack] - During the NP. All abilities targeted toward you will be directed to a player of your choice excluding super kill. [1-shot]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town
Son Gohan

- [Active - Strong sense of Justice] - You have the ability to visit one person each night. If they are attacked that night, you arrive just in time to save their life. However super kill bypass your ability. You can only heal yourself once.

- [Active -Senzu bean] - Using a Senzu bean allows Gohan to recover his healing ability. [1-shot]

Eliminate all threats to town

- [Active - Ancient Namekian Knowledge] - Confuse your target by using this ability. This ability can be used on NP and DP. If you used this during the night phase you will block your target. They won’t be able to perform any action during the NP. If used during the Day Phase your target vote count will be zero. [2-shots]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town

-[Passive - Saiyan pride] - Your advanced experience as a Saiyan makes you adapt to all sorts of danger. Any form of negative action targeting you will send that back to the user who casted it. However, if targeted by any type of kill you will die.

-[Active - Gallic Gun] - Use your powerful blast during the NP to kill. If you managed to kill mafia/indie your killing shot will reset. [1-shot]

- [Active - Prince of all Saiyans ] - Invite someone onto a deserted wasteland during the DP. They will be super roleblocked and can't do anything during the NP. Although you can communicate anonymously with your target. Before the end of the NP, you need to notify the host if you want to execute them(2-shots). If you're roleblocked for that NP you will not be able to execute them. The use of this ability will not allow you to use your other ability.

Eliminate all threats to town

- [Active - Radar] - Every night you have the ability to investigate one player to see if they're up to anything suspicious. You will receive results of [Guilty] or [Innocent].

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town

- [Active - Solar Flare] - Each night, Tien may distract a player and stop them for the night. They'll be prevented from performing actions that phase (if any).
Eliminate all threats to town

- [Active - Capsule Corp] - You have abilities that you can use for various stuff. You can only use one ability at a time. Know that you cannot use the same ability for the following 3 NP’s.
1. You can investigate a player at Night to discern their alignment.
2. Can target a player to stop all other Night actions from affecting them in any way which includes investigative actions(Does not work against super kill.)
3. Target a player at night and learn who, if anybody, that player targeted the same night.
4. Change the target of the chosen player to a different player.

Eliminate all threats to town
Congrats to the mafia for the win. They low diffed this lmfao.

From the roles I think this game could have been more fun and entertaining if the activity was better and people put in more effort.

Mafia controlled the thread and town wasn't up to the task for some reason.
I think most people didn’t wanna play this game and are waiting for the Joker Game and so they didn’t have enough drive to actually try. Which is understandable.

Though I feel it was unfair to those that did try.
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