Character Discussion The denial of Admiral Aokiji being Yonko Blackbeard's ''underling'' was wild

Lakainu isn't even stronger than BB's new underling Aokiji.

Btw Aokiji isn't an underling, he's "assisting" Teach
That moment when @Erkan12 sats Aokiji is a subordinate of Teach. Then posts a panel disproving that.....
In terms of trustworthiness, not role in the crew lol. Shiryu is a subordinate, Aokiji is not. Like I said, Aokiji would never be a subordinate to someone who ran away screaming from his equal lol.
Maybe you are illiterate but Aokiji and Blackbeard are allies

if anything Aokiji = Blackbeard & his crew

B-but @Erkan12 told me that Kuzan was BB's underling

How come Oda doesn't draw him amongst first mates and vice captains?

Also "LuFfY dOeSnT haVe a RiGhT hANd" agendas can now end for good lol

Based Oda :steef:

This thread as well if you want more:

And we've Oda directly showing Aokiji as a ''Blackbeard Pirate'' just like Augur :suresure::suresure::kuzanshut:

I was honestly waiting for you to make a thread about this...:suresure::suresure::suresure:
We warned them that this bomb would explode sooner or later but they didn't want to listen and with that they didn't create decent rehearsals...:saden::shame::risitameh:
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tbh, erkan supports Shiryu > Aokiji
Isn't Aokiji the same guy that Akainu almost died in a 10 day fight?

Akainu spent 10 whole days to defeat an ordinary human whose durability and toughness is not exaggerated in the slightest, 10 days to take a piece of meat from an ordinary human, that's the lord and dangerous akainu. :usoprice::vistalaugh::vistalaugh::ronalaugh::ronalaugh::ronalaugh::hihihi:I thought he only needed one hit to kill people. LOL

Aokiji wouldn't even try to fight Kaidou because he would already feel death like Gb... LOL

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This is not confirmation that Kuzan is a subordinate, only that he is affiliated with the Blackbeard Pirates which we already knew. Lol

But if he is a subordinate,

Aokiji went from serving San Charloss to a Prime Yonko, two equally weak individuals.

Aokiji acknowledging that when you’re stronger than literally everyone, going to work for weaklings is your only option.

I had akainu equal to current BB but thinking about it now akainu needs 10 days extreme diff fight with matchup advantage to defeat aokiji where BB is Aokiji's captain. Current BB > Akainu confirmed