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Found some fun number and name play Oda did for Sanji in WCI with the Charlottes.

1. Sanji the Third Son (and fourth child) fought Daifuku the Third Son (and fourth child.)

2. Big Mom has Decuplets, 5 boys and 5 girls. The boys mirror the Germa siblings in naming scheme (Newichi, Newji, Newsan, Newshi
Newgo.) Newsan being Sanji's name-counterpart.

3. The girls of the Decuplets, the third one which would mirror Sanji is ALLmeg (like ALLblue). She's also the 32 (san ji) daughter.

4. The 32 (san ji) son was Charlotte Brownie who helped punish/try to experiment on Niji and Yonji in the cover story.
So Sanji and daifuku are rivals:pepestrike: