[FNZ] Salem of Lies Town of Salem (Unofficial)

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So you want ppl not to criticise anything ?

If you can't take single comment then why are you modding this section? Shouldn't be you the person who hear what players have to say
miss Celestia did I say that its not allowed??

did I say I won't listen??

did I say I won't consider them??
I made a public post regarding it in game thread on day one itself and before you died.

I also mentioned in the opening post that last will is allowed.

You haven't submitted any last will nor asked any question regarding it. That's your fault

A host can't keep on informing everyone about little details in their respective pms
In one of last games i played Last will was added even later on during Day phase, so i didn't know when to make it. I thought we do it once we are dead and i wasn't expecting getting killed anytime soon, bt once dead i didn't got enough time to make it. I saw others and then asked you, bt i guess it was late by thn.


miss Celestia did I say that its not allowed??

did I say I won't listen??

did I say I won't consider them??
No but making passive aggressive comments about how ppl complain
When my post was harmless and I didn't insult anyone or anything but expressed my thoughts

Just stop shutting ppl down
If someone wanna express thoughts or complaints then let them do

You yourself did in the past when we played on OJ
Thanks to the host and coach btw. I know it takes a lot of work.
I'm sorry I failed you Jailer. We didn't lynch scum in time.
Fun game everyone, I enjoyed it lots from the corpse chat!!! @Don DaSlayer congrats!! We were in ave and most cheered for you.
Mafia babes, sorry to let you down. Being mafia was super fun!

....... If only you knew

It was almost believable, TAC.
I had to sell the role, Nat. I was still intending to convert you before you flipped!


S N I P E R ~
My only complaint after seeing the game is the lack of Mafioso

Now I understand why it is an important role
mafia got their FK and only GF to do it and gets blocked it is like Mafia is useless
While in general Mafioso goes to kill and if blocked it is GF duty

I hope in next games this isn't repeated for making it more fair
You guys were strong enough. Although I would have given you an Ambusher instead of a Consig in that formation.
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