Big meme bullied the hell out of ulti, almost feel bad for her, when will that old granny drop dead?, Woman is made of carbon fiber or something, well, guess that's it, only came here because there were no threads (active ones at least) open, can't wait to see how Zoro vs King and Sanji vs Queen is gonna go, also, can we all agree that Kaido's top 2 commanders are THE most wack looking ones? They're also probably among the coolest as well, especially king (queen's really cool, but's too much of an idiot, so i can't take him seriously sometimes, that snakiosaurus shit was scary looking as he'll though), because his hybrid looks loosely based off of the SR-71 Blackbird, fastest jet to ever exist, capable of traveling at the speed of mach 3 (max, if i remember right), so he kinda gets bonus points for that, both are menacing though, just in different ways:kata::endthis:.