General & Others Understanding that some things are exclusive to Luffy and Zoro in the Strawhat crew.

What does that have to do with thing being exclusive to zoro and luffy
There are things that are exclusive to everyone

Including Luffy and Sanji, Luffy and Zoro, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji, and also Zoro and Sanji

How someone interpretate those as it fits an agenda is what actually happens most of the time, even if it has no payoff in the actual manga
Like what??? Also I’m not trying to start anything it’s just Luffy & Zoro are likely about to do cool shit and Sanji is doing something else which is why I made this thread before people start bitching about Sanji.
Luffy and Sanji are:
1. The only two who were laughed at for believing their dream existed
2. Luffy and Sanji are the only two with world class families
3. Luffy and Sanji are the only two who had “Warrior” chapters in Wano
4. Luffy and Sanji are the only straw hats who intentionally attacked a CD (Zoro didn’t know what a Celestial Dragon was and in dressrosa these two were the only straw hats who fought Doflamingo a celestial Dragon)

Oda used Luffy and Zoro as a grouping, but he uses Luffy and Sanji as a foil which is why the twos backstories and dreams are so similar.

Not trying to start a war, but trying to deny Luffy and Sanjis relationship is kinda unfair.