News Volume 97 coming on September 2020

Found it on reddit

A fan asked if the manga is really ending in 5 years to which Oda answered-

"Yes. But rather than saying serialization ends, I would say it’s over because the most interesting part of Luffy’s adventure, the story of what is One Piece exactly? is done at that point.

Right now Wano arc is heating, but if Luffy is to leave there safe and sound, it’ll lead to a worldly development , an exciting story no one has ever read, I’ll be drawing the “Biggest War” of OP history.

It’ll be very interesting!! And so, I made the announcement to notify the readers and make them realize that “this long story is actually heading towards its end."

But, right now you should be enjoying the exciting Wano country arc. I’ll draw it with all I’ve got!!
You are kinda late lol
Yeah but some people absolutely want BB to be the final vilain so like always people will deny the obvious until they can’t. Then will blame Oda because they were proved wrong:kayneshrug:
Well whose to say he still can't be? Remember, from what it seems, Blackbeard is meant to parallel Xebec, and what was Xebecs endgame? It was to be king of the entire World. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that Blackbeard isn't aiming for the One Piece, but rather the Empty Throne that sits atop Mariejois.