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Gorosei Informer

I played and completed this recently (Scarlet Hood and The Wicked Wood), awesome game, WAY better than I expected with a truly epic finale too!:

Gotta love games made with actual passion, fun, charm, humour, creativity/imagination etc!

Hoping to buy the new Pirate Warriors 4 DLC pack so I can play Gear 5 Luffy too!
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I recently got a Meta Quest 3, so I've been trying my hand with VR. Some games like End Space give me too much motion sickness to enjoy. I just started on Ruinsmagus. A VR JRPG is exactly what I needed to draw me in. Turns out having room to walk around IRL while playing helps with motion sickness. The other VR game I've been playing is NFL Pro Era. It's literally just quarterback simulator.