What series are you watching ?

Pot Goblin

I'm a Fella of Fate
I am watching 2 series with my friend

One Piece which he has not watched
And Supernatural which I have not watched (he made it up to season 9)

One Piece we're just starting Water 7 and have reached the point where Usopp confronts the Franky family about the money.

Supernatural we're about to start the second to last episode of Season 3 (no spoils pls).

One Piece has been fun, especially seeing the first time reactions of someone watching it for the first time. I usually never get an opportunity like this.

Supernatural has been a lot of fun as well. The quirkly 2000s style is very endearing to me. And I feel that Sam and Dean are fantastic main characters. I've heard that it declines in quality after a while, but unless it's unwatchably bad I'll see this adventure through the end.

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