What series are you watching ?

Sandman 1-5.

Visually stunning and very well done except overkill with the gender swapping ffs. I did NOT want a female John Constanine or Lucifer, but at least the former can act somewhat decently. The later gave one of the absolutely worst performances I've ever seen in a show. I mean laughingly bad! But looking past that it is an enjoyable show. The lead does a great job as Morpheus.
Better Call Saul
Season 6 Episode 13
Series (and likely Franchise) Finale
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better call saul ends tomorrow
if you were able to watch the broadcast, do you happen to know the name of the song/music that plays at the very beginning when they showed the show logo along with saul's suits (not the intro with the blue screen but it was a short piano solo)? I can't seem to find it or the name anywhere
Better Call Saul was the goat, just like the series it originated from. Vince Giligan and Peter Gould are amazing, just like all the actors of the Breaking Bad verse.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

A Rising Dream Or Falling Star.
Harley Quinn (S1), mid way through s2

I loved both series so far and can't wait to see Season 3 when its available here too! Glad you're enjoying it too! Season 2 is particularly great too! The Harley Quinn series is really just so much fun, surprisingly good/well made, great voice acting, animation and writing and honestly the best thing DC has made in MANY years by far imo! Aside from the new Batman film with Robert Pattinson which I also LOVED!

I've been meaning to start Breaking Bad soon. Once I get my portable DVD player, I'm gonna rewatch and binge Scrubs, Death Parade, Death Note and w/e else I've got including tons of movies and some random X-Men cartoon series DVDs and such!

I really want to rewatch Trigun and Yu Yu Hakusho at some point too. Also tempted to rewatch Bleach, Naruto and Fairy Tail and even rewatch/reread OP and see everything I missed out on before too! Also refresh my memory properly and remember/see everything properly so I can actually get my recollections accurate for once LMAO!

I also have the entire Ranma 1/2 series on DVD which I want to rewatch sometime and I wanna rewatch Eyeshield 21 too!

Doom Patrol and the new Watchmen series have been on my list too.

I tried to get into Elementary but ended up losing interest/dropping it around season 2. I think the issue was me rather than the show? I was enjoying it before too.

Also on a side note, I STRONGLY recommend Pushing Daisies, such a fantastically whimsical/absurd, pleasant, wonderful, beautiful, charming, joyful, sweet series! With fantastic singing from the AMAZING Kristin Chenoweth too! I really enjoyed the sense of humour, characters, writing, storylines and such and for once, its a series where I'm actually HAPPY how it ended too! Despite it seemingly like it was gonna end badly and it suffering badly due to a writer's strike too! If there is one show in the world I truly love, that isn't an anime especially, its Pushing Daisies tbh!

There's also a really funny sitcom called Green Green Grass, which is a farming/countryside themed spinoff of Onlys Fools and Horses with Boycie (RIP John Challis, died not long ago and even got to see him IRL a couple of times, great man and fantastic actor!) and his wife Marlene and such!

Finally, I want to rewatch the classic Batman Animated series, The Batman, Batman Brave and The Bold, The Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series, Johnny Quest, Xiaolin Showdown,Teen Titans, Jackie Chan Adventures, Powerpuff Girls (The OG show ofc) and whatever else I think of too LMAO! Kinda 50/50 on rewatching Courage The Cowardly Dog and Totally Spies too.

I also used to really love the OG Sabrina The Teenage Witch series a lot, with Melissa Joan Hart and used to have it all on DVD too. Same with Love Hina randomly too and the manga for that as well! Happier days, thats for sure...Used to love The A-Team too haha!

SO MUCH to do hahaha! Where did I find the time, energy and thus focus before?!

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I was thinking about continuing Better Call Saul, but idk if it is worth it. I stopped around the time Lalo showed up (I guess that's season 4, right?)
I can tell you it's largely worth it, I love Lalo, he's just so charismatic, entertaining and scary at the same time plus Tony Dalton's performance is amazing (though this is the norm for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul) .
I can tell you it's largely worth it, I love Lalo, he's just so charismatic, entertaining and scary at the same time plus Tony Dalton's performance is amazing (though this is the norm for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul) .
Thanks for the answer, I'll give it another go then

Just to confirm, he appears in season 4, right? Or is it the beginning of season 5 maybe?