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You can't win
It's Luffy imo. Hawkins is a character who always take decisions depending on what his cards tell him as stated by Oda. The first time he met Luffy, he said his survival chance in a month was 19percent

Now i believe the percentage dropped to 1 percent until tomorrow in other to mirror the MF situation where Luffy was put in, with Hawkins noticing his survival percentage curiously never dropped to zero no matter how much he tried

And the reason why Hawkins is trying to figure out his percentage of survival is to make a decision on whether to betray the Beast Pirates or not, which was also a point brought up by Drake

It's just that they follow different paths. Drake decided to follow his own path by being a lone wolf, helping marines from within viewing Luffy as a hope of survival while Hawkins is following the path chosen by his cards with Luffy's survival percentage interesting him in his final decision.

Except that imo, that this moment will lead to Hawkins for the first time choosing a path against the odd. Just like in MF where he was surprised Luffy's survival percentage never dropped to zero with Luffy ultimately surviving, i believe that Hawkins will ultimately decide to take the 1 percent risk of betraying the Beast Pirates and joining Luffy's alliance in the fight against Kaido, with his encounter with Law possibly further pushing into that
It's gotta be Law. Hawkins is probably holding a grudge against him at the moment, so was checking up on his survivability rate.

Don't see it being Luffy because Drake knows who Hawkins was talking about, and here is flashing back to Koby's words, and decides to ask Luffy to allow him to join him. Would he think that's the best course of action if he believes his survival rate is one percent?

But then again Oda can be throwing everyone for a loop, and since Onigashima somewhat mirrors Thriller bark, it could pertain to Zoro, because we all know what happened at the end of Thriller Bark.

So many different possibilities but for now I'm thinking Law or Zoro.