Character Discussion Why Does Kaido Call Yamato "Son"?

Why does Kaido call Yamato "son"?

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Kaido (and all the other Beast Pirates) address Yamato as Kaido's son:


I think there are two main plausible reasons:
  1. Kaido is actually progressive and is respecting her gender identity.
  2. Kaido wanted a son instead of a daughter and so he raised Yamato as one.
    • Yamato wanting to be Oden was a mutually beneficial arrangement for them in that regard.

I think Kaido being a progressive father would grant some much needed nuance to his character and make his character more "rich". However, it doesn't fit his archetype and other than the fact that he respects Yamato's desire to be addressed as a man, there's nothing suggesting that he would be the type of character to do so.

He also doesn't respect Yamato's self identity as Oden.

He beat her up for telling him that she wants to be Oden:

He was generally very abusive and regularly beat her up whenever she defied him:

He imprisoned her on Onigashima:

He regards her as an idiot:

Given that Yamato's desire to be regarded as a man is entirely a product of her self identity as Oden, an Kaido doesn't respect that self identity in the slightest, I don't think he would respect her preferred pronouns either.

On the other hand, I think there's quite a bit of circumstantial evidence that could support #2.

Kaido wants to make her the Shogun of New Onigashima:

His conception of a "Shogun" may be a valiant warrior (like Oden). Perhaps some pervasive Wano scepticism was involved, and this was a role he wanted his son to fulfil.

Kaido appears to have trained her to be a warrior as she can perfectly execute his signature technique:

What do you guys think?

idk about kaido.. he calls her son i call her yamato chwan.

i mean kaido is addressed as a creature... so barely human... why'd he care about being addressed by specific pronouns
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Yeah, I think it's definitely because he wanted a Son.

This thread on the topic is also really good
Damn its a very elaborately constructed..thread
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I think we should comprehend this topic from a holistic perspective as well where this topic interconnects to a broader notions and characters of the story.

oda is fairly and squarely portraying the fact that women can be as strong as men or stronger... the fact that Kuina had that preconceived stereotypical notion of what women hypothetically end up like was flawed and it demotivated her and that why @stairs-kun exists .. by introducing Yamato into the story oda is dealing with an internal conflict not only of yamato but women in general in onepiece.. being so influenced by traditional ideals around her yamato as a daughter of someone like kaido was a means of despondence for Kaido... then tried to mold her the way he wanted to rather than letting the flower exquisitely bloom, rather than introducing her to course of strength , freedom,and individuality he introduced her to his selfish ideals and cynical goals and hammered his conceptions into her. The beauty of her character is the motivational potential she has in the future, as of now she yearns to be the epitome of freedom coz freedom does humble you down as a human.. just like Oden was humbled by it... but in Yamato's case a space for self-introspection and blooming the way she could

Just imagine if someone with a goal that entails power yet don't tap into their potential.. such as Tashigi were to ever meet yamato... her growth and self-esteem and individuality would be stimulated..

Yamato has the potential to be as wholesome as Oden yet an important example for women and be the beacon if hope for them.

if that hiw oda will play it then I'M INNNNN


and its

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in a nutshell Kaido made her believe that only way to gain strength is by being a man one can one wield true power.

a soon to be tuna like him has the ballz to implicate that
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This is one of those situations where I need to see how it all plays out in the end. Is Oda going the woke route all of the sudden? It is 2021 so I suppose hes changing with the times. I dont know, we'll see by the end of Wano. Whether its because Yamato wants to be reffered as Oden or they are really a man at heart. Heck I call kiku she when she was born male. For Yamato.. its tough.