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is boa hancock really weak since she couldn't escape from a chokehold or i'm crazy for thinking that

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Blackbeard just be built different bro. :zehaha:
of course he's built different but it doesn't change what i said
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She is strong, but Black Beard is stronger, that's all there is to it. Also, Black Beard did a sneak attack on her while she was preoccupied with Coby. He wouldn't have had to do that if she wasn't strong. Black Beard is on par with Luffy in strength. That should be obvious by now.
1 blackbeard is weaker than current luffy rn 2 he had to sneak because his haki wasn't good enough against her hax so she's still weak 3 no sht he's more stronger him being stronger is not the point of this thread
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so funny
She's not a fodder but the encounter with Blackbeard definitely made it seem like she's helpless without her devil fruit, I mean, this statement that Augur said about Ace absolutely doesn't apply to Boa lol.
yes her df is all she has and that is what makes are dangerous cause she would have an easier time defeating a group of haki users compared to ace. she easily defeated 2 of bb commanders
i say yes she is like c'mon a simple chokehold anyone could escape but she can't due how weak she is its sad really but whatever she's femake so that should be expected i guess but i wanna hear ya'll opinion
No reason to hate fictional character.
She got good design above average for femalw in one piece.
And personality: ok let's not talk about that.

It's her fans that give her way more credit than she actually deserved, especially on power lvl.
She got no feats apart from abusing her hax fruit, and her fruit being overwanked that it has no counter or way to defend from it and that Luffy is the only one safe from it............(i bet almost all top tier has an answer to it)
What's not surprising?? It's the simp power that wanked her which is my issue and they won't admit it
I rate ppl like Yamato(for example) very high because she actually did good......

its really a waste to give her such high bounty since 1059 proves how weak she really is since she can't free herself from a simple chokehold a bounty like that should've given to weevil who's more powerful than her
If I think about it, than opening at least 3 threads, which are all depicting Boa Hancock in a negative light, makes me wonder, why you are investing so much energy in this hate. And when I read your comments, I feel so much hate pouring out from you. It makes me wonder, where that hate comes from. And this on the other hand makes me a little anxious about your life and if everything is ok with it or if you need help of some kind.
We do not know each other. But in case you have problems, which may even overwhelm you, I think it is a start to just speak to someone to feel a little better. You can PM me, whenever you like. :optimistic:
Naah bud. There's reason and levels to it.

Zoro never held back against Monet. Monet even thinks he won't attack A women but zoro proves her wrong.
Tashigi is ofc you know why.

It's not luffy immunity , It's different from luffy , Zoro is stoic , luffy isn’t.
Explain why Zoro called out Enel for attacking Robin, all because she's a girl.