Future Events Will Flame Emperor Sabo face Akainu?

Will Sabo vs. Akainu take place?

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Att this point its pretty obvious that It will happen, Luffy has bigger fish to face in the final war, ir u guys think he will fight a underling as the Final Boss?

The real conflict is the D. Clan vs the Celestial Dragons, think Sabo vs Akainu will be the highest rank fight without someone from those groups or a SH crewmate(Zoro and Sanji).

Also fitting that the leader of the WG militarh fight the future leader of the reorganized governament military.
During the investigation under Akainu, a particular name was highlighted exceptionally: Flame Emperor Sabo. Being worshipped like a god and igniting the revolutionary spirit all across the globe, Akainu has sworn to "finish them all".

With Blackbeard and Im, we have 2 candidates as endgame villains for Luffy. That is, if Im is a powerhouse and anti Joyboy, but with Blackbeard certainly having a main villain too, which will surpass even the old legends Roger and Whitebeard, who are above Akainu, with Luffy having already surpassed Kaido or being at least equal to him and thus above Akainu.

Is Sabo a fitting candidate for taking on Akainu on Luffy's behalf? Things that speak for Sabo:

> When putting Magma > Fire in the SBS, Oda pointed out that this alone cannot establish the outcome of a fight. How will he prove that?
> Luffy allowing Sabo to take his place in the Dressrosa arena, allowing him to fight his fights and protect Ace' legacy
> Sabo having blamed himself for not being in Marineford when his brother(s) needed him
> Sabo being said to have inherited Ace' will
> Sabo, after destroying Burgess, saying that, although he himself held no grudge, it was Ace' will that expressed itself through the Mera Mera no Mi at this moment, as Ace did not forgive his enemies

Would it be possible that Joyboy D. Luffy entrusts the killer of his one brother to his other brother, who inherited the power and will of his deceased brother, while he himself takes care of the true figurehead of the World Government (Im) on Sabo's behalf? If not, who is Sabo going to fight alternatively?

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Luffy is not going to finish his story without fighting Akainu.

Sabo will help out whatever Dragon is doing, probably.
Dread it, run from it, try to hide from it, there is no escape.
Luffy is going to fight Akainu. How terrifying that thought is to certain usual suspects does not change basic storytelling.

The answer is the same now as it has been for the last several years that it has kept certain Yonko fans living in fear. It is the same for past, present and future. Deal with it.
Erkan's argument is retarded like he is.
No one gives a shit about what BB felt towards Akainu if that's so relevant then Akainu vs Luffy is settled given Akainu very much wants him DEAD and Aramaki thinks bringing him Luffy's head is the best way to make him happy

Luffy has a grudge against Akainu, Sabo does not

Luffy has an aching scar from Akainu, Sabo does not

Luffy has stated he wants to beat the Admirals, Sabo's own comrades have stated they were aiming for the CELESTIAL DRAGONS
By aching scar logic, then Shanks should be the one to defeat Blackbeard and not Luffy.

By "Luffy said he wants to beat Admirals" logic then Luffy should be the one to defeat Big Mom, not Kidd and Law.
Seriously hate that this is very likely to happen now. I've always thought that Akainu vs. Luffy was a no brainer. There's no villain in the series that Luffy personally hates more than Akainu, and their confrontation was always set up to be the most emotional and personal in the series. And now we may not even get that.

Another thing that pushes Sabo vs Akainu narrative is, Akainu seemingly have a past with Dragon.
So if Akainu ends up defeating Dragon, the one that will interfere, between Luffy and Sabo, Sabo has bigger chance because he has more relationship with him than Luffy. And Dragon also saved Sabo in the past.