Powers & Abilities Zoro is not a samurai so he won’t fight Kaido

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Zoro one shot Kaku is the biggest delusion Zoro fans had other than Zoro comes out stronger than Luffy during TS.
When where you when Enies Lobby happened? :zorothink:

He was one shot the very moment Asura was released. I also specifically made sure to mention how Kaku was not even quite injured right before the one shot would happen, a delusion I happen to recognize is believing that the one shot only occurred in that Kaku was already messed up which is straight up false. Zoro and Kaku were both tired moreover, surely not just the latter.
The main dudes of this arc are Luffy, Law and Kid. This entire thing was Law's plan from the get go. He knew Onigashima better than the Samurai
Is it stated somewhere or is there any plot point stating or indicating that Luffy/Law/Kid are the main dudes of this arc?
Luffy sure is as he is the main character and everything needs to be fixed through him by some way.

But Kid and Law don't necessarily need to play the greatest roles after Luffy.

We know through Oden's letter to Toki that those who can defeat Kaido were supposed to appear in Wano right now and they are probably the supernovas which Zoro is part of.

I too wasn't subscribing in Zoro taking part in the Kaido fight at the beggining of Wano but there have been many hints that indicate he will and I can't see him have a lesser role than Kid or Law who not only had significant less panel time than Zoro,but aren't even confirmed nor portrayed stronger than him.

All the supernovas present this arc are having a hand in kaido's downfall with Luffy/Kid/Zoro& Law putting in the most work.
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Comparing current Zoro to Oden in any way shape or form is pure fucking stupidity.

Zoro is much closer to Denjiro, who couldn't do anything.

In fact we have 0 proof he IS stronger than Denjiro.
Sure but Zoro trained 5 days for the raid and in the pics you provided,he was wounded.

Current Zoro is an unknown but we know he is saving his strength for the Kaido as he himself stated.

He could be anywhere on the Yc spectrum currently.
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It's bad enough that Oda is rushing Luffy to beat Kaido when 2 arcs ago he wasn't even stronger than Doflamingo and Katakuri, but now, to have freaking ZORO with 0 powerups beat Kaido?

Give me a fucking break. Oda gave Luffy Future Sight and Advanced Armament Haki and he'll still need an asspull for Luffy to win.
Well Zoro isn't beating Kaido in a 1vs 1 though with both being fresh,that can't happen currently.
But Zoro will surely outperform Beggining of Wano Luffy who was wrecked in Kuri by Kaido in his contribution in the Kaido fight,just as Law and Kid will most likely do.

I don't see you being worried over Law's performance in the Kaido fight even though he is still weaker than Doflamingo (since he wasn't shown training at all) and the same Doflamingo is nothing to Kaido.
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I think Zoro is not going to get involved with Kaido. The development of the Shimotsuki family purged from wano 20 years ago has other purposes
so you decline the fight against Kaido i see what you think so let's choose the bet then :

1- the fight against Kaido
2- Cutting Kaido
3- ZKK
choose any bet you want but the price will be after that is to delete your account choose what you want :kata:
1- the fight against Kaido
In that case, I will have to make a thread of retraction, praising the greatness of Zoro.
And in case you lose, you need to make a topic admitting that Zoro is not as relevant a character as the fandom thinks.

Note: If Sanji also fights Kaido in some way with Zoro, then this bet will be void

2- Cutting Kaido
In that case, you can choose my signature (since I already placed a bet on the avatar)
In case you lose, I will choose the signature you should use.

This one will be worth my deleted account.
In case you lose, you should make a topic highlighting the achievements of Sanji.

I'm sure the Shimotsuki family will have a subplot showing how they were purged by Orochi 20 years ago, and King will probably be involved. And this will be the plot of Zoro in Wano, he will also be a great savior of the samurai getting the antidote to Queen's plagues and stopping King's wildfire, as he is related to Wano, Ryuma and Shimotsukis.
Only I think that Zoro is in no way related to Oden or Kozuki. Luffy is the one who has VOAT, CoC, and Luffy is the one who will open the borders and arrive at ''dawn'', so Luffy has the will inherited from Oden. And in all these posts, I’ve never seen a decent argument for relating Zoro to Oden or Kozukis serving as an argument to fight Kaido
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